Will be back soon…

It’s been nuts around here!  We had painters to come and do our home’s interior, and all of our time was tied up with that.  They did an a-m-a-z-i-n-g job, so let me know if you live in the north Alabama area and need good painters.

Anyway, I’m still kind of busy with mom-wife-life, but I hope to post again soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Best regards,


Southern Comfort Food

It's true that I like grits...but I'm wondering why I found three bags in my house.

It’s true that I like grits…but I’m wondering why I found three bags in my house.

Someone recently mentioned the word “okra” and my husband I simultaneously shuddered.  “Ewww!”

There are just some southern foods that are just not comfort foods, IMHO.

When I was a girl, I would periodically sit around the porch and help either set of my grandparents and aunts and uncles shell peas from their gardens.  I would shell a few and pop the fresh goodness into my mouth.  “You’ll get sick!” they would warn me.  I would shell a few more peas and then skip off to play.  I never did get sick, but I almost did while eating cooked black-eyed peas.  Those things were gross!

I knew at a young age–and still think so to this day–that peas are much better eaten raw.

Grits, on the other hand…  Grits are wonderfully smooth, buttery, and delish.  And no one could make fried chicken like my Grandmother.  She (and now my mom) could make the best cornbread around.  Perfect in its golden roundness like it had been sculpted by an Italian master.

Now that’s southern comfort food.

Is Shabby Chic Dead?

Feature display at Anthropologie.  Bridge Street Town Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

Feature display at Anthropologie. Bridge Street Town Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

Is shabby chic passe?

Pas du tout!

At least, not in north Alabama if our trendiest mall (Bridge Street Town Center) is any indicator. I saw shabby all around, especially in my favorite store, Anthropologie.


For those of you who may not know, the term was coined back in the 1980’s by World Of Interiors magazine.

I know, right?! I thought it was a new design phenomenon brought on by the housing crash of 2008. Regardless of what I thought, the term refers to a very laid-back, tarnished, and shabby style in home decor. I totally love the style and have spent time on Pinterest learning how to make my own chalk paint and gathering the nerve to use it on my dining room table.

By the looks of what’s being sold at Anthropologie, little French phrases are also cropping up in home decor.

Vive la shabby!


Bright Blue Sky and Yellow Orb

Brilliant sunshine at last!

Brilliant sunshine at last!

Can anyone tell me what that yellow orb in the bright blue sky is called? Ahhhhh…the sun!


I took some photos this morning to celebrate spring in the south today. I know that it isn’t quite spring, and winter will probably blow its nose at us one more time this March, but it surely is nice to see the color of hope, today.

Cute cardinal.

Cute cardinal.




Pretty pediment.

Pretty pediment.

House with Gambrel roof.

House with Gambrel roof.

Played with color using Photoshop Elements.

Played with color using Photoshop Elements.