Okay, So Don’t Kiss Your Chicken!

hen_eggsWhatever you do, don’t kiss your chickens. Yes, I said chickens!

I was trying to read up on those creepy clowns that Princess Buttercup and her buds keep talking about (mostly an exaggerated stories that are best kept for telling around the campfire), when I ran across a more sinister article in al.com about illnesses from kissing and cuddling pet poulets.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the studies show that more and more families are housing coops in their backyards.


Yum, fresh barnyard eggs!

The CDC report says, “The first multistate outbreak where the association with backyard flocks was recognized occurred in 2007. Since that time, the popularity of backyard flocks has increased substantially,”


Whether the chickens for fresh eggs, homeschool hands-on learning, or just because they’re cute, the CDC is warning against loving on your feathery friends.

The CDC site goes on to say that many of the live poultry–associated salmonellosis (LPAS) come from adults and children who keep chickens in their houses or their bedrooms and from the human moms, dads, sisters/brothers kissing and cuddling them. (Bleh!)

So if you don’t want to catch a nasty case of LPAS, no more kissing your feathery friends. And as Momma always says, “Get those chickens out of your room!”

(JK…I made that up!)

Thank you to Ben W for the photography!


Creative Calendar for July 2016-2017

I decided that I needed a desk calendar in addition to the calendar on my phone. It’s just so much easier for me to see what’s going on and to be able to quickly write down an appointment date without fumbling with texting in the appointment name on my phone.

I found this handy calendar that Wal-Mart was clearancing for only $2! Woohoo!  It is a July 2016-2017 calendar, so I’ll get a year’s worth of use out of it.

The fact that it was boring made it even better.  Yay!!!!! Craft time!


Blue, white, and gray. With mostly a lot of white negative space.

So what should I do with the top? Acrylic paint it? Be-ribbon it?


Bling it on, baby!





I tore apart a dated bracelet and a necklace that had gotten twisted up beyond repair.


I hot-glued the beads/sequins and simply taped the bunting string around the back of the calendar.

I did all of this yesterday, fully intending to post when I was done. But time got away from me, and I had to go pick up Princess Buttercup from school.

In other news today…

My friend Kim texted me that there was an estate sale given by Seven Sisters. I got there late but scored big with the vintage linens and wall paper. $10 for everything! More on what I’ll do with it next week.  I’ll also let you guys in on the next Seven Sisters sale. Stay tuned!


wine_communionI stand with the 900+ and raise my voice in song. The voices–a gentle, melodious roar.

Comfort that I’m surrounded by others with the same beliefs, same values as myself and my family. The words of the songs reflect a common goal: praise, worship.

We sit in unison and center our minds to a singular focus: the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord.

The prayer is said.

Silence. The wail of a child interrupts. Reminds me that somewhere in the gathering are young parents bent on raising their children like I’ve tried to raise mine. Affirmation.

A polished brass plate passes from my husband’s hands to mine. I break a piece of bread between my fingers. All over the world–maybe not at the exact same time–others are doing the same.

I feel the dry wafer in my mouth and consider the significance of this small act. I swallow how many times a day? But this time is different. Holy.


Silence again. I work to focus my mind.

Another meaningful prayer.

This time a polished brass tray is passed from my right. From my husband, who joins me as we take small plastic cups and lift them in solidarity. The plastic rim presses into my lips. A small taste. Bitter. Sweet. Like the death of our Lord.

It is over too quickly. Too quickly.

The most important moment of our week.


How to Earn Cash with Your Kids’ Clothes


It’s so hard to sell this pretty little dress!

For the past 8 years or so, I have hung, tagged, and organized Princess Buttercup’s clothes and toys to take to Kid’s Market of Huntsville on 2601 Memorial Parkway NW in Huntsville AL.


Kid’s Market is one of the most organized and well-run clothing consigner that we have in town, and I have tried 3 different consigners.


Also hard to sell this cute panda costume!


Basically, twice a year, I get PB’s clothes that are too small and trade up to a bigger size.

It’s a lot of work to tag and organize all of those clothes but well worth it because you actually get a check a few weeks after the sell.

Kid’s Market of Huntsville
2601 Memorial Parkway NW
Huntsville AL 35810

(At Max Luther Drive Next to Dirt Cheap.)

Barcode Template

A price tag that the seller fills in.